Hot Melt Adhesive Labeling Machine
    Publish time 2017-12-04 15:12    

The automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine series has the characteristics of reasonable design, reliable performance, low running cost and high cost performance. It can meet the needs of label labels for bottles, square bottles and oval bottles in different capacity production lines, and is suitable for labeling after filling and labeling empty bottles.


Main features:

  • The machine is a new generation of applicable labeling machine on label. It can handle labels made of different materials, such as paper, OPP, and compound, which can bind the label and bottle with the hot-melt adhesive bonded to the bottle.
  • German E+L label web guide system ultrasonic electric eye control. It can compensate for the fluctuation of the air flow by the change of air flow, and automatically alignment the deviation of the vertical position.
  • The label is cut through a static knife and a moving blade. The cutting tool is accurately adjusted, cut accurate and long service life.
  • Use a special set of suction system, fixed the label on the drum, glue it on both ends of the label, and then put it on the bottle.
  • The rubber roller can handle a variety of different hot melt adhesives, and the glue is applied to the front and rear ends of the standard. The equipment is equipped with the U. S. nordson cycle hot melt adhesive box, a gear pump which can fully control all the heating areas. The glue can be circulate through a closed isolation system. The separation box and glue roller, make cleaning and maintenance are very simple. With scraping cots system, do not need to adjust, can ensure the smear layer was thin and uniform.
  • The mechanical parts of the cutting and labeling workplaces are lubricated by the central oil lubrication system, easy to maintain and high in reliability.