Spray Cooling Tunnel
    Publish time 2017-12-04 15:37    

The system uses five stage treatment with hot water spray sterilization and gradual cooling. The equipment is equipped with an automatic chlorination pump, which can adjust the amount of chlorine according to the amount of water. The hot water is produced by the steam heating device. The water flow after the use goes into the tank of the frame, and it is circulate by the spray pump. If the temperature of the hot water can not reach the setting temperature, the heating device will heat it properly. If the hot water temperature exceeds the set temperature, the circulating pump is sent to the cooling tower outside the workshop and reused after cooling.


Main Features

  • Cooling temperature parameters: the product center temperature is 85 C when it is entered, and the temperature is below 40 C when it is out.
  • The chain plate is heat-resistant network chain, flat surface, wear resistance.
  • OMRON microcomputer control, MITSUBISHI inverter speed control, stable and reliable operation.
  • All spray tubes are made of 304 stainless steel.