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Definition of condiment products:
Condiment products not only can help food looks better but also more tastier and smell better. In addition, it a type of supplement which is good for our health. Its main function is to promote food quality, meet the sensory needs of consumers. Broadly speaking, condiments has salt, sour agents, sweetners, flavor and spicies, like mono sodium, glutamate, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, star anise, fennel, pepper, etc. Those are all type of condiment products.

Condiment filling machines:
ASG GF series 2-in-1 filling machine with automatic filling and capping, suitable for all kinds of edible oil, fruit juices, spices, condiment and other products. By using electronic metering mode and special fluid components to achieve low foam fixed quantity filling, a wide temperature range of non-contact filling can be achieved. ALCOA capping technology is used in this machine, which can reach a full range of foam cleaning.
Machine recommended for condiment packaging: