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Definition of dairy products:
Dairy product is processed by fresh milk as the main raw material. Including liquid dairy (sterilization dairy, acid milk dairy and formula dairy); milk dairy powder (full fat milk powder, skim milk powder, full fat plus sugar milk powder and seasoning milk powder, infant formula milk powder and other formula powder), condensed milk dairy (full fat pale condensed milk, full fat plus sugar condensed milk, seasoning/ modulation condensed milk and formula condensed milk), fairy fat (dilute cream, cream and no water cream), cheese (original cheese and remade cheese). other dairy (casein, lactose and whey powder).

ASG providing main dairy product processing equipment including: pre-treatment system (multimedia filters, activated carbon filters, ion exchange, micro-porous filter), membrane separation system (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, Nano-filter unit), electrodialysis equipment, sterilization equipment (ultraviolet and ozone equipment)

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ASG provides integrated solution for any kinds of dairy products.
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